2 = onerous, ponderous, tedious, tiresome, weighty, bore, drab, stodgy, wearisome, weary [wearier -comp., weariest -sup.], wearying, importunate, leaden, nuisance, pushy [pushier -comp., pushiest -sup.], pest.
Nota: Referido a personas que irritan con su comportamiento.
Ex. Sub-arrangement under an entry term can alleviate the onerous task of scanning long lists of entries under the same keyword.
Ex. Some SLIS are seriously affected by ponderous administrative procedures imposed upon them.
Ex. In other places too many references could make for a very tedious search.
Ex. Some of their drawbacks make regular use rather tiresome.
Ex. AACR1 is a weighty code, not because it contains extensive enumeration, but rather because of its comprehensive coverage.
Ex. It is when speakers have no feeling for pause that their speech seems to burble on without any arresting quality; the club bore is a burbler: he has not learnt the eloquence of silence.
Ex. Have reading foisted on you as a duty, a task to be put up with, from which you expect no delight, and it can appear a drab business gladly to be given up.
Ex. One could easily prefer the convenience of the stodgy single-volume work.
Ex. The earliest binding machines replaced the wearisome hand-beating of the sheets in order to fold them.
Ex. Humanity is returning to the downsized, reengineered, total quality management weary business world.
Ex. A new wave of books dealing frankly with such concerns as sex, alcoholism and broken homes was seen as a breakthrough, but plots and styles have begun to show a wearying sameness.
Ex. She concludes that this problem probes the importunate boundaries separating man from beast and the natural from the monstrous.
Ex. Many of the revisions they suggest exacerbate the leaden, plethoric style that comes naturally to lawyers .
Ex. However, delays in the generation of centralised records can be a considerable nuisance.
Ex. Parents can help the development of a child prodigy in an infinite number of ways, ranging from the attentive but not too pushy to the downright obsessive.
Ex. Library users fall into 4 groups: (1) patrons, who are considerate, grateful and undemanding; (2) 'pests' -- the inconsiderate; (3) 'pirates' who steal, deface and mutilate library property and materials; (4) 'vampires' whose enquiries make excessive demands upon the librarian's time.
* broma pesada = practical joke.
* de un modo aburrido y pesado = tediously, ponderously, boringly.
* hacer (todo) el trabajo pesado = do (all) + the donkey work.
* lento y pesado = plodding.
* pesados, los = nuisance, the.
* ser un pesado = be a pest, be a pain the neck, be a pain in the ass, be a pain in the arse, be a pain in the backside, be a pain in the proverbials.
* trabajo pesado = donkey work.
* viejo pesado = old fart.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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